Lencioni team scan

Welcome to Lencioni's survey on team effectiveness.

The test consists of 15 questions and will take you around 3 minutes to complete.

Best of  luck!

Q1: Team members are passionate and unguarded in their discussion of issues.
Q2: Team members call out one another's deficiencies or unproductive behaviours.
Q3: Team members know what their peers are working on and how they contribute to the team goals.
Q4: Team members quickly and genuinely apologise if they do something damaging to the team.
Q5: Team members willingly make sacrifices in their departments for the good of the team.
Q6: Team members openly admit their weaknesses and mistakes.
Q7: Team members are compelling, and not boring.
Q8: Team members leave meetings confident that peers are committed to team decisions.
Q9: Morale is significantly affected by failure to achieve team goals.
Q10: During team meetings, the most important and difficult issues are put on the table.
Q11: Team members are deeply concerned about the prospect of letting down their peers.
Q12: Team members know about one another's personal lives and are comfortable discussing them.
Q13: Team members end discussions with clear and specific resolutions and action items.
Q14: Team members challenge one another about their plans and approaches.
Q15: Team members are slow to seek credit for their own contributions and point out those of others.