Wisdom test

Below you will find the Three-Dimensional Wisdom Scale, a 'wisdom test'. This test is known as one of the best self-assessments for wisdom. For more information about the test click here.

The test consists of 39 statements and takes about 10 minutes to complete. You should indicate for each statement whether you agree / disagree or whether or not a statement applies to you.

The test is still in beta but you can already complete it. Please let us know if you have any suggestions at: info@projectwijsheid.nl. Thanks you in advance.

Good luck filling out the test!

Ignorance is bliss.

In this complicated world of ours, the only way we can know what’s going on is to rely on leaders or experts who can be trusted.

It is better not to know too much about things that cannot be changed 

There is only one right way to do anything.

You can classify almost all people as either honest or crooked.

People are either good or bad.

Life is basically the same most of the time.

A person either knows the answer to a question or he/she doesn’t.

I try to anticipate and avoid situations where there is a likely chance I will have to think in depth about something.

A problem has little attraction for me if I don’t think it has a solution.

I prefer just to let things happen rather than try to understand why they turned out that way.

Simply knowing the answer rather than understanding the reasons for the answer to a problem is fine with me.

I am hesitant about making important decisions after thinking about them.

I often do not understand people’s behavior.

Things often go wrong for me by no fault of my own.

I would feel much better if my present circumstances changed.

I try to look at everybody’s side of a disagreement before I make a decision.

When I’m upset at someone, I usually try to “put myself in his or her shoes” for a while.

I always try to look at all sides of a problem.

I sometimes find it difficult to see things from another person’s point of view.

Before criticizing somebody, I try to imagine how I would feel if I were in their place.

Sometimes I get so charged up emotionally that I am unable to consider many ways of dealing with my problems.

When I am confused by a problem, one of the first things I do is survey the situation and consider all the relevant pieces of information.

When I look back on what has happened to me, I can’t help feeling resentful.

When I look back on what’s happened to me, I feel cheated.

I either get very angry or depressed if things go wrong.

I am annoyed by unhappy people who just feel sorry for themselves.

People make too much of the feelings and sensitivity of animals.

There are some people I know I would never like.

I can be comfortable with all kinds of people.

It’s not really my problem if others are in trouble and need help.

Sometimes I don’t feel very sorry for other people when they are having problems.

Sometimes I feel a real compassion for everyone.

I often have not comforted another when he or she needed it.

There are certain people whom I dislike so much that I am inwardly pleased when they are caught and punished for something they have done.

Sometimes when people are talking to me, I find myself wishing that they would leave.

I’m easily irritated by people who argue with me.

If I see people in need, I try to help them one way or another.

I don’t like to get involved in listening to another person’s troubles.