Care and attention for the individual

Project Wisdom wants something very simple: that conversations in the workplace are more open. Teams function better when people know more about each other than their job descriptions. And when there is care and attention for team-members. And meetings are more pleasant and productive if people speak out in the meeting rather than at the coffee machine. And decision-making will improve when all participants are really heard and people are aware of the fallibility of their thinking.It is all so obvious. But it’s not easy!

Examples of sessions that we have provided in the past:


Empathic communication

The art of choosing

Group dynamics

Debate & argumentation

Personal motivation

Effective teamwork


Team building / coaching

Wisdom circles

Organizational culture

Feedback sessions

Bridging differences

Understanding motives


How do you create trust and connection in a team? How do you listen to others beyond opinions and judgments? And how do you take decisions that are broadly supported by the team?

Fortunately we at Project Wisdom have found these really questions incredibly interesting for the past 15 years. And because we have so much fun working with these questions, even the people who had already given up will eventually start participating.

And then, a moment comes, when people are touched by what is possible when there is an open and frank exchange. From that moment on, something different is possible in the team. And we go home softly whistling to ourselves.