Project Wisdom

Project Wisdom

Project Wisdom offers training, coaching and facilitation for organizations and individuals. We strive for open discussions, broad agreement and sustainable change. In our work we try to avoid ‘quick fixes’, ‘low hanging fruit’ and ‘succes formulas’.

Because the world around us is constantly changing, you’re never ‘done’ developing wisdom. If you feel attracted by the values of honesty, empathy and nuance, we warmly invite you to start your own Wisdom Project with us!


Wisdom test

How wise are you? Click on Socrates to take the test! (beta)

Utrecht Summerschool

Project wisdom organizes two Summer Schools for Utrecht University

Ready for take off

The blood is crawling where it cannot go. Imre will work together again and Jan Reinder will become a trainer again. What will this lead to?


because everyone has the right to stand up for who she is, to be transparent.


because the world already has enough conflict, misunderstanding and exclusion. 


because the world is complex; one-liners and superficial arguments do not hold. We need to work out solutions together.