Project Wisdom

Project Wisdom assist organizations and individuals in developing wisdom. We offer training, coaching and facilitation at the intersection of personal development and communication.

We do this in-company for companies, academia and NGOs. In addition, we organize non-profit activities for our community please feel welcome to join us.

Wisdom is not only about “I” but also about “you” and “we”. We look for depth and avoid quick fixes, superficiality and easy ways out. In our work we connect the wisdom of the head with that of the heart. We work on basis of the principles of honesty, empathy and nuance.

Curious? Feel free to contact us to discuss your Project Wisdom!

Utrecht Summerschool

This summer, Project Wijsheid will provide two courses for the Utrecht Summerschool.

Wisdom test

How wise are you? Click on Socrates to take the test! (beta)

Ready for take off

Old habits die hard. Imre will work together again and Jan Reinder will become a trainer again. What will this lead to?


omdat iedereen het recht heeft om uit te komen voor wie zij is, om transparant te zijn. 


omdat de wereld al genoeg conflict, onbegrip en uitsluiting kent.


omdat de wereld complex is, oneliners en oppervlakkige argumenten de lading niet dekken en we er samen uit moeten zien te komen.